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What is this tagging crap?

We have started offering an original service to clean gaming sites - gaming tags. Tagging is part of a new 'social revolution' of the Internet known as 'Web 2.0', basically, it allows our visitors to put together simple words ('arcade', 'fun', '1player', 'miniclip') and classify them as 'tags' on specific games. These tags can then later be used for users to find new games, and to classify games based on a range of properties. As we are still developing this feature and are interested to see how you decide to use our game tags, there's currently no systems in place except the ability to submit tags - we ask that you begin submitting tags immediately and help develop the tag database to a workable state.

How do I tag?

Under each game is the tagging section, here you enter a list of keywords (separate each with a space) that you think would make good tags for this game - things such as the number of players, the game developers and the genre are popular ideas, write the tags, separate each with a space (and don't use any weird characters - they'll be filtered out), keep all your tags one word then click submit. Without even reloading the page, your tags will be submitted and added to the gamesLibrary database for us to handle in the future.

What kind of features will tagging provide?

We intend to expand our search features with tags allowing users to specify things like the number of players, the genre, etc. Searching by tags, or viewing games with similar tags to the one you're currently viewing will help you more effectively browse our large database of games and find the one's you'll truly enjoy.

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